Project List


Help me decide which projects should be progressed next - this list is ordered by popularity so I will try to work on the items at the top first.

  • Fyne toolkit Fyne 3
    Creating a beautiful new open source desktop
  • Edi Enlightenment 2
    Ongoing development of the Enlightenment IDE
  • Enchant CMS Enchant 1
    A WYSIWYG editable CMS for cloud hosted websites
  • Custom LEGO designs BeanBuild
    Downloadable instructions for custom LEGO models
  • Engage Enlightenment
    Updating old Enggage module code for E22
  • HeadsUp Agile 3 HeadsUp
    A new theme and cleaned UI for the next major release
  • World 3 for SpinGuru SpinGuru
    Add another new world to SpinGuru with new obstacles and challenges